Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peace Week!

Peace Week is just around the corner! Soon Peace Week displays and activities will be featured at your YMCA-YWCA Winnipeg Branch.

Peace Week is November 21-28, 2009.

What is Peace Week?

In 1984 YMCA Canada decided to add an entire week of peace-related activities to follow Peace Day. Peace Week runs from the third to the fouth Saturday in November each year.

YMCA World Peace Week provides an opportunity for YMCAs across the country to promote activities and educational programs to help people explore peace from a personal, community, and international perspective. We teach children, youth and adults about the many dimensions of peace such as acceptance, inclusiveness, caring, respect and responsibility.

Peace Week is unique to Canada.

Stay tuned for our announcement of the 2009 Peace Medal Winner!

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