Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Message from Uruguay

The International Working Group was delighted to receive the update below from the YMCA of San Jose.

San José, May 2011


Dear Friends:

We are pleased to share with you what we have done with what you sent us with such love and great effort.

Regarding the equipment that we received together with Unidad Portones from the YMCA of Montevideo, we were able to build a fitness room to be used by our members. The equipment has revitalized it and allowed us to be a reference on the subject in our city.

Furthermore, you sent us five thounsand Canadian dollars (C$5.000) which were exactly four thousand eight hundred and one dollars with fifteen American Dollars (USD 4.801,15). Part of the money was used for the ‘Club de Niños La Casita’ Summer Camp. Please see the report and pictures attached.

There is still some money we have not spent, which is intended to supplement the cost of building an additional room for La Casita. This room will allow us to improve the care we provide today for both the Kids Club and the Youth Center. A donation from another organization called Reaching-U will also be used in this sense. This organization is integrated by Uruguayans who lived or are currently living in the United States. Works will begin in June, and we will be sending photos of what was done once it is finished. It is important to point out that without your support none of this would have been possible.

We will always be grateful for your generosity. Your thoughts and actions have enabled us to continue to strengthen our work.

We hope to continue along this path of cooperation and would like you to visit us whenever you find it convenient.

Please receive the fraternal greetings on behalf of all here in ACJ San José

Carla Ausán Elizalde Germán Hernández
Directora General Presidente

Germán Hernández
Directora General Presidente

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