Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Somali Famine | Fundraising Effort

The YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg's International Working Group hopes to draw the attention of Y members, staff and friends to the fundraising effort below. While we do not have a Y partner project in Africa, we hope that you will consider supporting relief efforts during this famine.  

The letter below was received from our friends at IRCOM here in Winnipeg:

Somalia is a country that has often appeared in the headlines of our newspapers as a result of its endless civil war, the recent activity of pirates at sea, the terrorist group in Somalia, and now the worst drought in 60 years. Unfortunately, these are not mere headlines but are events that cause the needless death of hundreds of thousands of Somali civilians.   

There are approximately one thousand Somalis living in Winnipeg and many of them have come from refugee camps in East Africa.  As a result, many of them are very concerned about their families, relatives and other Somalis that they have left behind in Somalia and in the refugee camps. So far over 3 million Somalis have been affected by the worst famine in decades and have no one to assist them. In addition, 500,000 children are at risk of severe malnutrition and death.

Saddened by this disaster, members of Winnipeg’s Somali Community are holding a fundraiser to contribute to helping those who are affected. We believe that our Canadian community feels the same way about what is happening in Somalia. 

Through Winnipeg’s Mosques, we have already collected close to 30,000 dollars and continue to fundraise. On August 5 from 5.30pm to 11pm, we invite you to join us for an event “24 hour famine for Somalia” to donate one day’s food money to help the victims of the famine in Somalia. The event will be held at the University of Winnipeg’s Bullman Centre and will include entertainment, Ramadhan dinner, poems, drama skits, storytelling and speakers.

All donations will go to Human Concern International, a Canadian charity based in Ottawa and they have committed to sending 100% of the monies raised to victims of the famine.  Human Concern International will also provide tax receipts to all donations over $20 dollars.

For more information please contact
Omar Aden: phone: (9969722) and email:
Muuxi Adam: Phone: (951-7037) and email:

Please stay tuned for information on additional programs and charities you can support as we work together to bring relief to the Horn of Africa. 

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